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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alexander Skarsgård On Being Hot in Hollywood, Single & A Big Brother Again


HOLLYWOOD. He has a growing role in a hit series and one of the most important roles in an upcoming movie.

It is not difficult to understand why Alexander Skarsgård made Hollywood his home.

- I have it very well, he said to Aftonbladet when they met him in Beverly Hills.

Skarsgård, 32, has just returned from summer vacation in Sweden.

Now he is in the middle of the launch of the second season of “True blood” – a series that has only increased in popularity and has become the channel HBO’s biggest success right now.

- It is not official that there will be a season three. But I find it hard to believe that they will quit, given the success of the series, he says.

Hype justified

In Sweden we sometimes tend to exaggerate our Hollywood Swede’s greatness. But in this case the hype is justified. Since Skarsgård’s character Eric Northman appeared in the series, viewers have given their approval and the numbers are on the rise.

- This is just the beginning for Alex. His role is growing this season, says one of his pr-women.

Add Skarsgård’s new key role in the remake of the 1971 controversial movie “Straw Dogs”.

The action revolves around a writer and his wife returning to her hometown in the American South.

There they encounter her ex-boyfriend, Charlie, played by Skarsgård, who is obsessed with winning her back – by any means possible.

- Charlie is a guy who was once the high school football star and had the school’s prettiest girl.

- But an injury ruined his career. Now he works as a carpenter and the frustration he feels makes it really interesting. One must dig deeper, said Skarsgård.

Kate plays ex

His ex-girlfriend in the movie is played by blond Kate Bostworth, 26, and filming starts in August.

Skarsgård flew over to visit friends and relatives in Sweden.

This time the journey home was extra special because he met his baby half brother, Ossian, for the first time.

- It was very exciting. I went down to see Dad and his wife in Öland. It was a blast. They are so happy and cute together. And he is a lovely little kid.

Do you dream yourself of starting a family?

- I’m single now. It will come when it will. Right now I barely have time to eat. I am so focused on this. But if it happens, it would be just wonderful.

Stockholm base:

In the past five years he has hovered between Sweden and Hollywood.

- Stockholm will always be my base. It is where I have my family and my friends. But when I came back to the U.S. this time it was the first time it felt like home. It was actually a really strange feeling.

Special Thanks to Lija for translating original article.

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