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Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Bloody Birthday To 'True Blood' Actress Anna Paquin!


Let's all raise our cans of Tru Blood in a toast to Anna Paquin who celebrates her 27th birthday today!

It's been a bloody good year for the Canadian-born cutie. Though "True Blood" was unceremoniously snubbed from this year's Emmy nominations, Anna has plenty to celebrate. Not only does she have a pretty fangtastic boyfriend in costar Stephen Moyer, but their sultry series is the highest rated show on HBO since "The Sopranos."

(Take that, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences!)
Anna is scheduled to ring in her birthday weekend at Comic-Con (how festive and appropriate!), where she and her "True Blood" costars will participate in a Q&A session Saturday evening followed by a masquerade party (double festive!).

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