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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Memorable Quotes from S02E06 - Hard-Hearted Hannah


Luke: "Sex outside of marriage is a sin."
Jason: "You really believe that?"
Luke: "It's not what I believe, it's what God believes. Some sins are bigger than others."
Jason: "Like what?"
Luke: "Let's say you're going to do it out of wedlock, make sure the girl you do it to isn't married either."
Jason: "Right, cause adultery's bad."
Luke: "One of the worst. Right up there with incest and bestiality. All them put together ain't half as bad as if you do it to a vampire. Or to a dude. Or a vampire dude. That's like the creme de la creme sin, no repentance for that! Straight to hell baby!"

Eric: "Baby? I'm over a thousand years old."

Lorena: "For a vampire you're a terrible liar"

Lorena: "I haven't seen Bill Compton in over 70 years. Surely, you can't think I have any pull over him what-so-ever."
Eric: "I haven't seen my maker for much longer than that and yet I am still loyal to him. Fiercely loyal.
Lorena: "Shame I didn't turn you. Then again, you're not really my type."

Lorena: "Fuck Prohibition! Hahaha If you'd like, after your other guests leave, Guillaume and I could stay and we could fuck prohibition somewhat further."

Daphne: "Cause not taken risks is riskier."

Maryann: "Tara, you may not know this about me but without a hot shower in the morning, I have NO tolerance for sarcasm."

Steve Newlin: "Have either one of your heard the expression 'meet the sun'?"

Sookie: "I'll just shut up and look pretty."

Andy: "I've been noticing some strange things about you lately. Like the fact that you just up and vanish for over 2 weeks and like the fact that you are back you've seemed to have lost some of your PA ZAZZ."

Lafayette: "I was on a cruise. A gay one."

Terry: "Close your eyes. I want you to image a golden glowin' ball radiating warmth and safetly."

Hoyt: "And one last thing about my girlfriend that I think both of y'all should know, the reason that Jessica calls me all late like she does, is that she's a vampire."

Sam: "If you don't go out back and take off all your clothes, I will fire you."

Sookie: "You know in person, she looks like vanilla puddin'"

Sarah Newlin: "And you're like a cool breeze on a hot summer day!"

Steve Newlin: "I wonder how that's platform's coming. I can't wait to bring that vampire up from the basement and watch the sun do him the justice of 2,000 years of the living.." (didn't catch last word)

Bill: "How have a lovely home."
Man: "Th-h-h-ank you."
Bill: "You're wel-l-l-lcome!"

Bill: "Say au voir!"

Steve Newlin: "Careful now."
Hugo: "Careful? About what?"
Steve Newlin: "Sometimes we open these doors so much love comes following out that it will knock you down if you're not ready for it."
Sookie: "We'll be sure to brace ourselves!"

Andy: "I know that pig! PIG!!! Hey pig! Hey there! Wait up pig! Stupid fucking pig!"

Pam: "Eric sent me with a request. You're back in business."
Lafayette: "Oh no I ain't. I'm outta that shit."
Pam: "So sorry, but you're very much back in this shit."

Eggs: "Just when I thought today couldn't get any fucking freakier."

Tara: "I feel like that kid in E.T. except following Reese's Pieces we followin' clothes."

Sarah Newlin: "You and Luke and all the others aren't being trained to defend us. He wants to use you to start a war."

Sarah Newlin: "How can it be wrong if it's what God's commanding me to do?"

Daphne: "Don't be such a nervous nelly!"

Sam: "What the fuck is this?"
Daphne: "It's the end of the road."


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