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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Q&A w/ Alexander Skarsgård: "There's More to Eric Than Being A Badass Vampire"


In just a few short appearances during season one, Alexander Skarsgard proved why he makes such a convincing vampire.

The 6' 4" star possess all of the mysterious magnetism that makes Bon Temps' creatures of the night so dang alluring.

With season two devoting quite a lot of time towards discovering who Eric is -- besides owner of the show's best bar, Fangtasia (sorry Sam) -- fans are going to learn that there's more to this "man" than meets the eye. In fact, according to Alexander, we'll see the softer side of Eric.

Now that last night's premiere has finally revealed Lafayette's fate (yay!), I was able to chat with Alexander about his role in the abduction, what is in store for Eric this year and how Alexander plans to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fans in rioting should HBO not renew "True Blood" for a third season!

PopWrap: The reveal of Eric last night with tinfoil in his hair was amazing. How did that come about?
Alexander Skarsgård: We had a lot of fun with that scene. I worked on that with the costume designer, wanting to find something weird or disturbing and flip flops was probably the weirdest outfit we could come up with for a badass vampire to wear while killing a guy.

PW: Was it hard looking scary in that outfit?
Alexander: That's what I loved about the scene; I could have come down in a long black leather cape, looking tough. But I came down with foil wrapped tips. Look, Eric's beauty session with Pam was interrupted. What can I say?

PW: And after a whole summer of wondering Lafayette was dead, you actually had him chained up in the basement!
Alexander: Nelsan [Ellis] who plays Lafayette is so amazing. He's created such an incredible character. I mean, you can not kill that guy! He's too good. We need him on the show!

PW: Going into season two, it's clear that Eric is going to have a much bigger role. Did you know that coming in?
Alexander: Well, before I started filming season one, I read the first five books, so I had a vague idea that season one would just be an introducing to Eric and he'd develop more in further seasons. I love that we're starting to show other sides of Eric besides being the badass vampire. There's so much more to him and he's got a lot at stake, personally, in season two.

PW: Although Eric wasn't in season one that much, he came away being a fan favorite. Why do you think people responded to him so strongly?
Alexander: That's a good question because I was quite overwhelmed with the response last year. I know that Eric has a lot of fans from the books, but I was a glorified extra in season one, so I was very surprised that I got so much attention. But even though he's not always there, when he does come in, there is a mystery about him. I don't know, something resonated about Eric and I'm still not sure what it is.

PW: Eric and Sookie's relationship becomes a focus in season two, what does he think of her?
Alexander: Eric is intrigued by Sookie. When you've been around for 1,000 years, you become jaded, you're not easily impressed. Especially by a human! Then Sookie comes along and surprises him. So when that happens, you're obviously going to try and figure out what makes them tick.

PW: How does Eric and Sookie's relationship grow?
Alexander: A bunch of us go to Dallas because a friend of mine has gone missing, which is why season two is so personal for Eric. We'll actually see another side of him -- see that Eric is loyal and caring and sensitive. I mean, he's still the same old Eric, don't get me wrong, there's just more to him than being an evil vampire.

PW: Sounds like Dallas is a bit of bedlam?
Alexander: Yeah, there's a lot of mayhem in Dallas, but at the same time in Bon Temps, the s*** really hits the fan. So it's chaos on both fronts. It's an action packed season.

PW: The writing this year really is impressive as well.
Alexander: That's the thing, reading the scripts, every one reads like the season finale. It just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

PW: Have you read the season finale?
Alexander: I have.

PW: Does it end with another cliffhanger to keep fans talking until season three ... should there be one?
Alexander: The season two finale will not be a conclusion of "True Blood." Of course we're all hoping to continue this journey, keep telling these stories. But there are no guarantees in life, so I'm not taking anything for granted.

PW: If there is no season three, fans will riot!
Alexander: Oh trust me, I'll be part of that riot too!

"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO

By Jarett Wieselman | NY Post Pop Wrap | Link to article


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