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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celebrity Interviewer Knows More About True Blood Than She's Letting On


A tipster pointed out that the scribe of today NY Post's puff piece on Stephen Moyer failed to disclose that she and the True Blood star have a child together. How does our tipster get this juicy info?

Because Lorien Haynes (pictured) was the subject of a Star article last week along the lines of "A Hollywood Starlet Stole My Boyfriend!"

It was love at first, um, bite for Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer after the British hunk aced his True Blood audition opposite the Oscar winner in early 2007, but they kept their instant attraction a secret from everyone, including his girlfriend of seven years - the mother of his young daughter, Lilac.

That September, Stephen told a British newspaper that his move from London to L.A. for the series had resulted in the end of his relationship with British journalist Lorien Haynes, saying: "Nobody has left anybody for anybody else." But those words ring hollow now that Stephen and Anna - who now live together - have admitted that sparks flew the moment they first met!

For what it's worth, Haynes also interviewed Paquin for the Daily Mail, which ran the story yesterday also without any disclaimer, and did not sound very jilted:

"Sexual chemistry is arguably what has made True Blood such a success. Anna's Sookie falls for Bill Compton, a vampire whose thoughts she cannot read, played by British actor Stephen Moyer (Ny-Lon, Lilies, Quills). While filming the first series, Anna and Stephen developed a real-life relationship, which they tried to keep quiet. When they eventually went public it was, says Anna, ‘the worst kept secret on the planet'."

By Natasha VC | Deframer | Link to article


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