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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sadler introduces "Vampire LSA" airplane


True Blood fans are certainly familiar with the Anubis Airlines from Club Dead which offers ultra secure transportation for its more light-sensitive passengers. However, it would seem that the Sadler Aircraft Company has seen the marketing potential behind the current vampire craze and is planning on announcing its next-generation Vampire LSA at EAA Airventure 2009. Yes, this is an actual company and the Vampire LSA will be a real, functioning aircraft, though its passengers will no doubt be mortal. In fact, from the looks of it, there would barely be room for two human passangers, let alone a coffin

"We're really excited to go from R&D to delivering airplanes," said company VP David Littlejohn in an interview with the Aircraft Maintence Technology online magazine. "This has been a long road, especially in a challenging economy. I think light sport aircraft are going to emerge as true value leaders in the aviation community though, and the Vampire should really deliver on that front...We took a lot of our cues from the automotive industry when it came to designing the interior of the Vampire. So wherever we could add creature comforts we tried to do that. We wanted the interior to attract both pilots and potential pilots. And we also wanted to keep it on the lower end of the LSA price spectrum."

The Vampire LSA is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, chrome-molly steel, stainless steel and space-aged composites on a air-to-ground fighter plane airframe. Its sleek design allows for the maximum comfort for the passangers and is designed for everything from a cross-country journey to a simple afternoon joyride. While the fully equipped plane will cost around 6 figures, other models will be available for just under $100,000. It appears quite a bit of thought has gone into the marketing of this new twin-passenger aircraft down to a well-designed website and the ultra sleek logo design, which would be perfect for a line of merchandise. Now, if only Sadler would take this concept to the next level and develop a commercial airline called Vampire, I would sign up as a customer for life!

For more information on how you can get your hands on this fabulous luxury plane visit vampirelsa.com.

By Gabrielle Faust | Examiner | Link to article


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