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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

True Blood: What Does Anna Paquin Hate About Sookie? & Other Cast Tidbits


First of all, there isn't much not to love. She's pretty, smart, sassy, sweet and can read minds. But when pressed, if Anna Paquin had to pick one thing she didn't like about True Blood's fabulous Sookie Stackhouse, it would be those blond locks.

"What do I not like about her? Well if Charlaine [Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels] and the creators had written her as a nonnatural blonde," Anna told the Comic-Con audience, "I would be spending a lot less time in the hair salon getting my roots retouched, and my hair would probably be a little bit longer because it's gradually getting shorter as the ends break off because I'm a fake, fake, fake blonde. But aside from that, Sookie and I get along great."

Personally, we love her as a blonde. Now as for what she loves about Sookie, she said, "I like that she says what she's thinking even if it's not always a really good idea. I like that she kind of jumps in and gets involved even though it usually gets her into trouble. She means well."

Here are more tidbits from the Comic-Con True Blood panel...

Alexander Skarsgård on Eric's desire for Sookie: "Eric's been around for a very long time. He's been around for 1,000 yeas. And he's over humanity. He thinks [humans] are pathetic and naive, and then she comes along and there's something different about her. I think the fact that he can't really put his finger on what it is excites him. For the first time in a really long time, he's curious, and he wants to explore that."

Alan Ball on the Dynamic Between Eric, Lafayette and Godric: "Well, obviously, they are all gay lovers, and they spend the summers together on Fire Island." But seriously, he added, "I think the dynamic between Eric and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis)...Obviously Lafayette is terrified to death of Eric for good reason. And Eric is intrigued by Lafayette and may have plans for him in the future, which we will find out about." As for Eric and his maker, Godric, Alan noted, "It is the most important person in Eric's life, and there is tremendous, tremendous love there. I don't think it's romantic. But as somebody says in the show, the relationship between a vampire and his maker is something you can never understand."

Rutina Wesley on Her Character, Tara: "I call Tara a hard flower—a hard case on the outside, but she's a delicate Juliet on the inside. I definitely enjoy playing the softer side to her because it shows a lot more of her vulnerability."

Michelle Forbes on Accepting the Maryann Role: "When somebody offers you an entrance where you're standing in the middle of the road naked with a pig, you don't say no."

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) on Her Newbie Nerves: "I tend to be kind of a nervous person. I'll warn you right now: I'm currently nervous, so I'm picturing you all in your underwear. But I remember in episode four, Alan had written these beautiful words, and I was very, very sick. I had a 102 temperature, and I had completely lost my voice, and I remember working on that feeling like a total failure, like I wasn't able to give what I wanted to give to it." But to paraphrase her, the actors told her to rest her voice until it was needed, and it was "their moral support that really helped me through." Alexander then gave her a big hug, and the audience went "awww."

Stephen Moyer on His Next Film: "I've got a couple of things coming out, Tribes of October, and I'm doing a British film called Flutter about gambling."

How amazing was Sunday night's episode? Daphne as the pig? Maryann as the creature? OMG! Talk about it among yourselves in the comments below.

By Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna | E! Online | Link to article


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