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Thursday, August 13, 2009

More with Moyer on True Blood's success


For all of it's 11 million weekly (cumulative) viewers, everyone's got a different theory for True Blood's success.

Could it be the sudden awakening of the dead (insanely popular vampire trend)? The sex? The backwoods Louisiana bayou setting? The reference to American cults and the mob mentality? Or is it the scads of Charlaine Harris fans turning on their cable boxes?

Stephen Moyer, who plays handsome vampire Bill Compton, marvels at the broad viewer base for the series (based on the fans he meets) and believes there's a good reason for that.

"I honestly never wanted to do a series," he said. "I never wanted to go something that ran for season after season. If you go back over my career, I've done series but I never signed the 7-year deal, which you don't have to do in England. It's usually 3, and I would never sign it."

"When I got the part, there were two and a half months before we shot the pilot," Moyer said, during the July True Blood location-shoot in Clinton, La. "So I was able to go away and read the book."

"So I had some understanding of what it was. I loved Charlaine's book."

"I think (series creator) Alan Ball's idea and the world he created from Charlaine's world is so fantastic and such a great place for escapism. It's so escapist, and the metaphors within it are not subtle, but they can be your metaphors. You can bring to the plate whatever you want to bring. It's not just segregation and the south and gay people. It's a lot of other minorities as well.

"Whatever the secret to True Blood's success, it seems as though Moyer and the rest of the cast have signed on for long-term employment - a first in TV for Moyer, he said.

"There have been series where my character carried on but I haven't. It's happened a few times. I'm very happy to do (True Blood). It keeps growing and you can keep adding."

"It gets richer and richer, like a good wine"

By Mandy Ream | Philadelphia Examiner | Link to article


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