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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Women of True Blood Shop at Walmart


Yesterday I sat down with Deborah Ann Woll—who plays Jessica, the newly created (and very hormonal) teenage vampire on HBO's True Blood—to get the inside scoop on the delightfully shocking and paranormal show. Woll was so sweet and down to earth; it was hard to imagine her as a blood-sucking vampire! After a quick lesson on fang-popping, she divulged the secret behind her wardrobe of adorable sundresses—Walmart! The show's stylist Audrey Fisher believes that the rural Louisana-based characters wouldn’t be convincing down-home girls if they were clad in designer duds. Her trick to getting Sookie and Jessica's sultry and sweet look: tailoring. Fisher nips and tucks the wallet-friendly clothes for a perfect fit that drives those southern boys (and vampires!) wild.

Dress, Walmart, $8; visit walmart.com.

By Joyann King | InStyle.com | Link to article

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